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A Note from Ken

Hi there :)


Somehow, you’ve found your way here. Isn’t that interesting? Someone had to have passed this link on to you. There is no direct way to end up here. It has to be shared, human to human. More importantly, you are here because you chose to actually follow the link. Someone showed you a door, but you are the one who opened it.

Why is that?


Take a moment and consider the question: What lead you here? What secret part of yourself raised a hand up high and said “There is more to me than I know, and I think I’d like to go a little deeper into what that might be.”


There’s an expression we use when we need to go inward for a time. We say we are “going into the cave.” This comes from the legend of Bodhidharma: he was a yogi from India who is attributed with bringing Kung Fu to the Shaolin temple in China.


When he originally arrived at the temple, the monks refused him admittance. He was just some random person showing up at their door for some unknown reason. They didn’t know him, had no reason to trust him, and basically told him to get lost.


Bodhidharma was undeterred by this. He saw weakness in the monks as a result of their long hours of meditation. He believed he could help them. He believed he could strengthen their bodies and in so doing sharpen their minds. He knew he could help, but his offer fell on deaf ears.

So he journeyed above the temple to a cave, where he sat in meditation for nine years. (If you were to go to the Shaolin Temple in China, you will see a sign pointing to a trail that leads to this cave. I believe you can visit it to this day.) There are many stories and legends about what he did in that cave. All of the legends seem to agree that he went inside himself for many years, contemplating and refining his understanding of his unique contribution.

Eventually, he returned to the temple and began teaching the monks what he had discovered, transforming the monks into the original practitioners of Shaolin Kung Fu. Regardless of the actual truth behind this legend, there are a couple things that have significance regarding the conversation we are beginning:


First, Bodhidharma believed that one should not take action to get benefits, but should act because it's the right thing to do. He did what he did to benefit the monks. He gave up nine years of his life in service to people who didn’t even want what he had to offer. Eventually his contribution blossomed, and that impact has rippled out for more than fifteen centuries. In many ways his contributions have impacted the entire world. He was patient, committed, and willing to work towards something greater than himself.


Second, he went inward first. He went to the cave and reflected on who he was and how he could contribute. He didn’t demand the monks listen to him. He didn’t try to convince them of his value and worth. He stripped back the layers of illusion within and cultivated the very best of himself, then offered it up unconditionally.


Can you imagine yourself as Bohdidharma? What cause would you serve? Who would you offer yourself up to? What struggle do you see in the world around you that you can impact? What would you discover if you went into the cave? Who would you be when you emerged?


I’m guessing there are probably quite a few “I don’t know!” Thoughts floating through your head right now, and that is perfectly ok. If we choose to work together, you will find that much of what we do is centered around bigger and better questions. Answers are impermanent. Questions lead us deeper. Learning to ask bigger and better questions can serve us in profound and life changing ways.


I’d like to extend an invitation to you.


That invitation is to Go Into the Cave for twenty-days. Of course, this will not be an actual cave. You don’t need to grab a sleeping bag and go find a cold, damp cavern to sit in for a month. You simply need to commit to focusing inward as best you can for twenty-eight days with me acting as your guide. Your “cave” is formed by cutting out as much extraneous noise and activity from your life as you possibly can during that time.


This could mean reducing consumption of media, limiting distractions, eating simply, or reducing contact with people and places that drain your energy and attention. This doesn’t mean you take a month off from work or school. You just need to be willing to create an environment that lets you focus on yourself as best you can for twenty eight days. That’s it.


Does this sound interesting to you?


If it does, and you feel like you are ready to make that investment in yourself, then I am ready to invest in you.


You may be wondering why I’m doing this. I have what feels like some very compelling reasons for contributing to the path of those who will be leading us all into the future. If we move forward together, I’ll share my thoughts with you when we have our discovery conversation.


For now, all I ask is that you look within and ask yourself: “Am I ready to commit to twenty-eight days in the cave?”


If the answer is yes, help me understand why that is true for you. For whatever reason, we have found each other. Why is the thought of investing this time in yourself resonating with you? Who do you feel that you are becoming? How could this help? Are you feeling called to do something? Are you feeling a pressure in your heart to give of yourself, freely and unconditionally? What does that feel like?


Something inside you is slumbering deep in the mud. Are you ready to awaken it?


If so, the next step is to email me at There are no correct answers. In fact, you may want to consider asking some questions :) Just do your best to help me understand why you would benefit from us walking this path together for a few few weeks. Together we’ll decide as to whether now is the right time for you.


If it is the right time, we’ll continue our conversation. If it isn’t, we’ll come up with a plan for how to determine when the right time will be. This process will not cost you any money. I don’t want your money. I want your attention. I want your commitment to yourself. I want you to be your best self in service to those around you.


Let me know when you are ready. I’ll be here :)


Best wishes,


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