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From Interesting Idea
to Lasting Legacy:

Design a Business You Can Feel Proud Of

A Note from Ken:

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

Choosing the entrepreneurial path is not for the faint of heart. It can be challenging at times, incredibly rewarding at others, and sometimes downright terrifying. There is no shortage of information out there to help us navigate. It seems like everywhere you turn, there is a book, coach, or consultant ready to take you by the hand and lead you to the promised land of private islands and fancy cars.


This group is not about destinations.


This group is about the journey itself. It’s about finding satisfaction and fulfillment when you are struggling and learning the hard lessons. It’s about embracing the loneliness we all feel when we have an idea trying to burn its way out of our chest and into the world. This group is about the celebration of one client’s life changed by our work, and the deep warmth that seeps into our bones when they thank us for doing what we do.


This group is about embracing the life of the entrepreneur fully and without hesitation. It’s about weaving our work into the very fabric of ourselves and the world around us so deeply that it outlives us. We have work to do, and that work matters to us in ways that no one will ever truly understand.


The path we are walking may only clearly be seen by us, but we are going to hack away, blazing trail, putting up signs, and doing everything we can to guide our people along. Sometimes we love it, sometimes we hate it, but we always believe.


We believe in the need, we believe in finding solutions, we believe in leaving the world a little better than we found it.


In this group, we believe in each other.


When the voices in your head are telling you to quit and go get a “real job”, we’ll be here to help you think that through and make the smartest decisions possible. When you feel stuck, we’ll ask you questions and listen until you get unstuck. We’ll hang out together and swap crazy ideas back in forth until they don’t seem so crazy anymore. We’ll talk about what worked, what didn’t work, and what we can do about that.


Most importantly, we’re going to remind ourselves that the whole point of choosing this life is to live it. We can do that with grace and balance. We can find fulfillment even when we aren’t making enough money, or creating the impact we feel capable of making. We can stay grateful when the abundance is flowing, and caring and compassionate for those of us who are struggling. We can choose to be an Integrated Entrepreneur, and allow who we are, what we believe, and what we do to seep into every aspect of our life.


Arms up, eyes open, let’s remember to enjoy the ride :)

Best Wishes,

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Design a Life that is Self-Sustaining and Momentum-Gaining

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