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The Life Spiral Project

Slow the downward spiral...

Stop spinning in place...

Spiral Up your life


Presented by Ken Caputo
Founder of Momentum Learning Systems

Ken has been working with people of all ages for over three decades. His unique blend of ancient wisdom traditions of mindfulness and martial arts combined with modern leadership and communication skills create a unique experience for participants. Those with an open mind and a willing heart will gain many new perspectives on how they can live their best life and do their best work.

About the LifeSpiral Project

A Message from Ken

Have you ever found yourself dealing with the aftermath of the unexpected? Things were chugging along in a predictable fashion, then all of the sudden…Wham! Life jumps out from behind a bush and smacks you in the head in some unexpected way.


Maybe this unexpected ambush is a good thing. Maybe a potentially life changing opportunity has fallen right into your lap. Maybe an amazing new person has come into your life and turned everything you thought was important upside down.


Then again, maybe it’s not so good. Maybe you are faced with an unexpected health challenge, or a trusted relationship suddenly ending. Challenges can (and will) arise, then quickly derail all of our carefully laid plans.


Whatever this unforeseen surprise may be, it often leaves you feeling caught off guard. You weren’t prepared for this! Then again, how could you be? Life is doing what life so often does, and now you are left reacting to whatever has been thrown at you. You sink or swim as best you can.


What if you could make some subtle changes to the way you move through your day that left you prepared in advance for life’s unexpected challenges and opportunities?


What if you could slide the odds in your favor, even though you have no way of knowing what you are actually preparing for? What would that look like? How much stress and anxiety would that remove from your day? Wouldn’t it be nice to feel a little lighter and a little more confident that you’ll be able to move through your life with a sense of grace and balance?


What would it feel like if you knew you could skillfully surf the waves life sends you?


One way or another, our lives will unfold. This will happen regardless of how prepared we are to navigate it. My mentor used to say to me: “The journey is the home.” It was his way of reminding me that most of the time, life will progress through what we may believe to be a series of unremarkable moments strung together into days, months and years.


These moments will end up representing the bulk of our lifespan. Yes, there will be peaks and valleys that grab our attention. We’ll look forward to the highs, and hope the inevitable lows won’t be too devastating.


Yet it’s the moments in between that give our life meaning, purpose, and fulfillment. It’s the little things that, upon reflection, were actually the big things. Being present for those moments as they come and go in large part relies on how balanced of a state we are in.


Ever been in a really good mood and notice that things that normally would annoy you just kind of slide off? Ever been having a rough day and find that those minor annoyances completely set you off?


The difference in your responses is a result of the state you are in. That state is something you can learn to strengthen proactively over time. You can become more and more skillful at surfing the waves.


You can cultivate your ability to navigate the weather systems of your life as they come and go with grace and balance. More and more, this cultivation will reveal the extraordinary in the everyday moments of your life.


You don’t need to make drastic changes to experience this. You don’t need to hustle and grind. This is not about sacrifice and hard core discipline. It’s simply maintaining awareness of the fact that you can invite more of what works for you into your life, and let go of the things that no longer serve you.


For almost three decades now, I’ve been experimenting with this idea. I’ve had the privilege of serving as a guide for thousands of children and adults looking to live their best lives and find meaning and joy in their personal journey.


The Life Spiral Project is a direct result of all of those decades of hard earned experiences and lessons learned. Our purpose here is to learn learn grow, and share. You have your own hard fought wisdom, and we all want to learn from it. Along the way, we’ll provide you with a few navigational tools to add to your toolbox. We’ll build a framework that helps you determine the right questions to ask, and the right information to integrate as you Spiral Up your life and elevate those around you.


If you choose to join us, all I ask is that you give your Life Spiral a little attention every day, as best you can. The  lessons and experiences we share in our weekly meetings will serve as fuel for your personal fire. We will strengthen each other. We will engage in conversations that will lay the foundation upon which you can build for years to come.


One last thing: I deeply believe that each of us can have a massive impact on those around us. For many years, “Drop a pebble, make some ripples” has been a personal mantra for me. Our time together is so that you can bring the very best of yourself up and out. You have contributions to make that are as unique as you are.


You have pebbles to drop. I can’t wait to see the ripples you are able to create through our time together.


May your journey be your home :)


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