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Image by Andres F. Uran

Cecilia & John's

Circle of Light


“Welcome To Cecilia & John’s
Circle of Light
Celebration of Life”

Witnessing two Beautiful Lives…

Thank You for Your Interest and Support In coming together in Celebrating Our Witnessing and Honoring Cecilia & John’s Life, Energy and Contribution…

May we remind ourselves and each other of the times and ways both Cecilia and John touched our Lives Beautifully and Uniquely…

With their style of their “Love of Life”… And Sense of Purpose… and in conveying that Purpose with Value , Integrity, Meaning…and a Beautiful Blend of Advocacy, Compassion…and Sense of Humor. Blessings…

And Thank You!

Circle of Light
Monthly Workshops

Ken Caputo and Jesse Harding are continuing John's legacy by hosting monthly Circle of Light virtual workshops. Sessions are held on the second Monday of the month at 7:30pm.

Scroll down for Zoom Link and past workshop information.

Dana Contributions:

The principle of generosity, or dana, comes from a 2,500 year old tradition in Buddhism. In the days of the Buddha, the teachings were considered priceless and thus offered freely. We want these teachings inspired by John to be available to all, and a dana contribution allows each individual to contribute in a way that is comfortable for them.


A portion of all contributions will be donated to charity. Please choose the contribution level that works for you. You can set up a monthly reoccurring payment or contribute month to month.


Workshop Resources


All Replays & Resources


October 16th, 2023


September 11, 2023

Chinese Five Element Empowerment:
Perspectives, Principles and Qigong-Meditation Practices

Over the months of September, October and November, Jesse will present perspectives, principles and the following Five Element Medical Qigong themed meditation practices:

1)     Gathering “Qi” (energy) from the six directions (Qigong Color Tonification Meditation)

2)     Five Element-Qi Regulation Meditation to internally regulate the energy flowing within the Five Yin Organs (Liver, Heart, Spleen, Lungs and Kidneys)

3)     Five Element Meditation for Releasing Emotional Blockages, Energetic Armoring and Strengthening The Natural Five Element Virtues (“Te”) to Restore Energetic “Balance.”

4)     Three “Hun” (“Ethereal Souls”) Empowerment: This meditation enhances the dominant spiritual presence of your “Hun” or “Three Ethereal/Heavenly Souls” [“tian hun” 天魂 ]; also known as Original Spirit [“Yuan Shen” 元神].  The “Hun” are said to originate from Heaven, reside in the liver and resonate from the Three Dantians.  The Hun represent the spiritual part of your being associated with Positive Emotions & Feelings, Light, Yang, and Spirit (“Shen”). Ancient Taoists believed your Hun (or Yuan Shen) is what ascends to heaven upon death. The Taoist notion is that by firmly rooting and strengthening the Original 5 Element Virtues (“Te”) in your physical, energetic and spiritual bodies, allows one to manifest a high spiritual state of harmony, peace and compassion during all activities, even in times of difficulty & challenge.

In addition to learning and being guided through these powerful meditations, we will explore ways in which the timeless themes and principles underlying these practices can be applied in the art of living our daily lives. The journey is the home and we arrive again and again.   


Sunday Wisdom Pearls
From John

From June of 2018 to June of 2020, John Fritz sent daily emails to a list of students and friends. We have saved 551 messages of what "All The Masters Know... And Practice...", "Just For Today" practices, and "Wisdom Pearls." Each one included stunning photos from Cecilia's garden and, of course, wisdom, practices, and light from John.

In his memory, we are re-sharing these emails to keep his joyful light and love alive. Emails will be sent once per week on Sunday mornings to offer contemplation, meditation, and lessons we all wish to preserve in our lives.

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