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Ken Caputo

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Hello, and welcome to our website! 


I’m guessing that if you landed here, we’ve already had a conversation. (Maybe even several!) If you have any questions or curiosities about my background, please don’t hesitate to ask. If we choose to work together, lets make sure we are both comfortable with what that will look like.

Since you’re here, there are a few things you should know:


I am a life long believer in the potential of my fellow humans. I’ve always believed that if you create the right environment for the right group of people, amazing things begin to happen. This has been a central theme for my many personal and professional endeavors over the past thirty years. 


From building a multi generational martial arts school to the creation of the Quester’s Way family center, everything that we have innovated and tested has been focused on people first. We’ve developed a multitude of programs and systems through the years, with the idea being that all we needed to do was help each individual come together as a group so they could do their very best work together. 


The programs, coaching and workshops that we teach through Momentum Learning Systems are the same ones we’ve used both in our own lives and in our own businesses. Our goal through these programs is to share some tools that each individual can then adapt to their own unique needs and circumstances. 


These programs are designed to be sprints; there will be short, intense bursts of learning as we work together, followed by a recovery period for you and your team to absorb and integrate what you have learned. Everything we do is customized to your unique needs, so if you’d like to explore possibilities, reach out via email or schedule a virtual meeting and we’ll take for there.


All the best to you!


Getting to Know Ken :)

Ken was recently on episode 19 of the Wits & Weights podcast where he shared his decades long journey as an integrated athlete. If you're interested to learn more, check it out!

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