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Ken is a lifelong teacher, entrepreneur, and athlete who has lived life on his own terms. 

He is an avid learner who has invested decades in experimenting, testing, and applying a diverse set of systems and practices for both personal and professional development. 

His goal in working with people of all ages and backgrounds has been to help them figure out what questions to ask, rather than giving them answers. We are all unique, we all have a meaningful contribution to make, and Ken loves serving as a guide you unlocking your human potential.



Stephanie Roy has spent the last 20 years as an entrepreneur and teacher, specializing in building empowering, community oriented villages within brick and mortar business. 

In her partnership with Ken, she serves as the integrator, organizer, and operations expert.


Groups & Projects We've Worked With

UConn Genetics Department

Team training and leadership for-credit courses with graduate students


Enrichment programs for K-12, professional development workshops for teachers, work study programs 

UConn A1 Football Team

Integrated athlete and hand-to-hand combat training with the 2022-2023 team

Windham Area Chamber of Commerce

Team training workshops, lunch and learn programs, member retention consultation

UConn Alumni Foundation

Team building retreat workshop

Small Business Owners

Community-based supplemental programs for martial arts schools, fitness and wellness centers, and community nonprofits.

We excel in creating Inspired, Talented Teams

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