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Drop a Pebble...

...Make Some Ripples!

Each of us has the ability to drop a pebble.
We each hold a unique contribution in our hand.
Simply letting it go creates ripples at the point of impact.
We can each make an impact on the lives of others through our individual actions.

Won't it be interesting to see how far and wide your ripples spread?

Get Your Quest Book & Become a Pebble Dropper!

Join the Quest! "A quest is a journey - an adventure that leaves the quester forever changed." We are on a quest to make a positive impact on our family and friends. Together we can spread some positive ripples through our actions. This book is full of "missions" designed to promote kindness and caring. From sharing smiles to writing a thank you note, each mission encourages mindfulness in how we move through the world. Your Quest Book comes in black and white (except for the cover) so that each Quester can color, decorate, and personalize every page. Enjoy your quest, Pebble Droppers!

Image by Ksenia

Already completed your Quest Book?
Find Your Pebble!

Your Quest Book is full of acts of kindness and gratitude practices. Each one is an opportunity to drop a pebble into the world and help make it a more positive place to be.

Being a Pebble Dropper means we look for these opportunities every day. The pebble you choose is designed to be used as an anchor, a physical reminder of your mission to contribute and smile and share.

Your final quest is simple: go outside and find a pebble that calls to you. Keep it in your pocket, on your desk, or anywhere it can be a reminder of who you are choosing to become.

Tips on
Choosing Your Pebble

Step One should be pretty obvious: go somewhere pebbles can be found! Depending on where you live this could be:

  • A park

  • Your backyard

  • A hiking trail

  • A lake or river

  • A beach

If you can, go somewhere that has special meaning to you. A place where you feel connected to yourself, to people you love, or to nature. (Make sure to get permission from a trusted adult before wandering off to look for pebbles!)

Step Two: Get curious! Take a few deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. Open your awareness to everything that's going on around you: the sights, smells, and sounds, the feeling of the air on your skin, the earth beneath your feet.

Step Three: Explore! Allow the right pebble to call to you. (Don't overthink it!)

Step Four: bring your pebble home and rinse off any dirt or sand (if needed). Keep your pebble somewhere it can remind you of your mission as a Pebble Dropper :)

Beach Puddles

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