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Add Fuel to Your Fire

Private, strategic, targeted coaching focused on the humans that make your business great.




In a highly competitive world, being just one percent better can make a massive difference in the results you produce. We need to ask questions no one else is asking. We need to embrace how we think differently. We need to lean in to what our head and heart agree is the path forward for us, regardless of what the rest of the world thinks.


Each coaching module is designed to illuminate the blind spots, give you tools that open new doorways of growth, and position you as the one with strength and clarity to navigate even in the most turbulent of times.

For over thirty years, I’ve been immersed in businesses filled with people who are compelled to do work that matters. What you will learn in these modules will be both familiar and unique. The information you will learn is a fusion of decades of study and practice focused on one thing: designing a business that brings the best out of every person aligned with the cause that your business is championing.


In each module you will find influences from eastern and western phylosophical traditions, martial arts, twenty-first century learning methodology, fusions of ancient and modern leadership strategies, Team Fusion Lab concepts, mindfulness and meditation practices, principles for high athletic performance, and so much more.


Show up with an open mind and a willing heart, and I guarantee you be a different person when you come out the other side of this coaching and learning experiences. You be forged anew. You will be different. It will be noticeable. People around you will feel it. You won’t even need to say a word. Just stay focused and watch what happens as the power and impact of who you are and what you do expands.




Sprints that prepare you for the marathon 

Each Module is designed around a specific objective. They are between four and twelve weeks in length. These are sprints that will require commitment and focus from us both. We are laying a foundation upon which you will be able to build for years.


Our goal is to help you think differently. Immerse yourself in the process and then commence your “twenty mile march” - a methodical, disciplined implementation of what you have learned that will create a self sustaining, momentum gaining business built around people you love to work with and who love working with you.

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What's Included:

  • One-on-One Strategy Sessions

  • Direct Reply Video Responses

  • Flipped Learning Modules

  • Dedicated Email and Chat Support

  • Access to the TIE Academy 

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Value Clarifier

If you aren’t completely clear about the unique value you are delivering, and who you are delivering it to, you a bound to get stuck. In this module, you’ll answer three compelling questions, identify your minimum viable product or service, identify the resistance, and distill everything you do down to just three words.

Value Activator

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Once you have clarity of vision and have honed your message to a razor sharp point, it’s time to embrace the disciplined life of the true professional. In this module, you’ll identify your three three primary priorities, your personal leadership style grid, the Helm you use to steer your business forwards, and the five practices that keep you engaged, energized and enjoying you work and life each and every day.

Impact Design

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Adding energy to a system that is not in balance is a recipe for disaster. Recruiting and hiring help to expand the vision and impact only works if you’ve designed a way for them to flourish and succeed without you standing over their shoulder. If you have positioned yourself as the “Genius with a thousand helpers” you’ll quickly become exhausted and frustrated (and so will your people).

In the module you will learn the power of the momentum learning system for developing training systems and courses that are learner centered and transferable from person to person. You will also discover your unique approach to solving problems and leveraging opportunities through the mindset multiplier, as well as multidimensional Leverage Point Leadership model.

Impact Expansion

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The only true limit to scale is the capacity and skill of the people doing the work. Systems, regardless of how well designed, will eventually break, become overwhelmed, or be outgrown. Having good people who can make intelligent, trustworthy decisions and are resilient, fluid and adaptable will help your business whether the storms and inevitable growth pains.


In this module you will learn how to transform yourself and your team into master teachers capable of building trust and guiding your teams through both challenges and opportunities. You will also develop tools for consistency including OneSheets, WaySheets, and the TSFAI training methodology.

Lasting Legacy

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Will your work continue without you? There is nothing more painful than watching your work die when it is time for you to move on. Eventually, you will no longer be doing what you do. So many business owners center their business around their own unique skills, abilities, and leadership. It leaves them with something that quickly loses momentum when they are not at the helm. They can’t sell it, they can’t pass it on, some owners can’t even take a vacation or back off for health reasons.

A business can be designed like a flywheel that, over time, becomes self sustaining with small, strategic investments of energy and attention. Place the cause you business champions at the center of the wheel, identify how and when to push, build a business that will keep adding value to generations well beyond your own lifetime.

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Book a 1:1 Discovery Call
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Complementary Offerings

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Your Work Expanded

As part of my community outreach commitment, I donate time each week to entrepreneurs looking to expand the impact of their work. Sometimes seeing your work and your value reflected back at you through the perspective of another can unlock a whole new level of potential for your business. 

The Business Playbook

This series of videos introduces and explores many of the concepts from both the The Integrated Entrepreneur Academy as well as from the VIP Coaching Modules.

Online Course for Entrepreneurs

The Integrated Entrepreneur Academy is a series of self guided modules that mirrors much of the Vip Coaching programs at a fraction of the cost. A great option if you prefer to explore the concepts on your own and at your own pace.

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