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Momentum Learning Systems


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and Passionate Team Leaders

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Co-Founder & Presenter


Co-Founder & Presenter


We provide transformational tools that allow individuals and teams to tap into their full human potential and unleash their unique value in the world

About Momentum Learning Systems

Momentum Learning Systems is the culmination of over thirty years of growing and developing community-based business practices. Our core business began decades ago through the operation of a martial arts school centered around empowerment, education and community activism.

As we further expanded our efforts to positively impact the world around us, we found that the core philosophy of placing the people at the center of everything we do began to express itself in a variety of interesting ways. We found that we were able to customize our work to fit a variety of businesses, organizations and groups. From building a common language that would deepen a feeling of connection between team members, to building fun and engaging courses and workshops, our process has helped bring a deeper sense of community and purpose to those we have worked with.


If your group or organization is committed to bringing value to the world and is always on the lookout for ways to inspire your people to greater heights, we are here for you. If you find your organization has attracted people that thrive in an environment that allows them to do their best work, be their best selves, and live their best lives, feel free to reach out to us. 


Together, let’s move the world a few degrees to the positive one person, one project, and one organization at time. Together let’s make some ripples :)

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